Advice for parents

Children's dentistry is all about prevention and setting up good habits from an
early age.

Proper homecare and basic preventive strategies with the help of the dental
team will set up your child for life.

Dental Prevention = diet low in sugar content, proper brushing, exposing the teeth to fluoride
in toothpastes, regular visits to the dentist to catch problems early.

Read the leaflets on how to avoid dental cavities. Also complete a dietary record for
your child. It can be fun and educational finding all the everyday foods you eat
that may contain sugars. If you want help, ask us!

Diet Diary
No more dental decay


Developing dentition
The teeth, face and jaws develop constantly change from birth right through to
late teens.

It is usual for all schools to recommend wearing of a sportsguard during games.
We offer only custom made guards made from an accurate impression of the child's
teeth. Guards will last on average a sports season and will then require
remaking to ensure proper fit with the developing dentition. want it, we can make it